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What is Lojban?

Lojban is an artificial language modelled on formal logic. It was initially designed in order to test whether language influences thought. Having gone through the convolutions of using it, Lojbanists tend to be fairly sceptical about such claims; the attraction Lojban holds for me is that it is one formal model of language which actually puts its money where its mouth is, and tries to take on an entire linguistic system rather than toy sentences and a postage stamp's worth of vocabulary. The language's detailed and painstakingly compiled language definition materials are available, the 'write-up' has been completed, and the reference grammar has been published.

Lojban Brochure

The Level 0 Introductory Brochure I have edited is now on the Lojban web server.

Lojban Lessons

I am currently editing the Lojban for Beginners course in Lojban.

Lojban Software

You can download Tomeraider files containing the gismu list (English and Lojban ordering), the cmavo list (cmavo and selma'o ordering), the rafsi list and the BNF grammar, for Tomeraider for PC and Tomeraider for Palm Pilot. These can be used as dictionaries.

Lojban Texts

This is a quick list of text I have written or translated appearing in the Lojban fileserver:

First page of Fundamental Concepts Of Higher Algebra by A. Adrian Albert (University of Chicago Press 1956).
Card Player
Christ Nor Devil
Lojban Café, 1
Lojban Café, 2
Nicene Creed
Dialogues of the Dead
Freddy Germanos (What's Responsible?)
Kalocsay (En Amara Horo)
LEGEND By Orzekso; Translated into Esperanto by Kazimierz Bein (Kabe)
From: Polish Anthology, Hachette, Paris, 1909, pp. 44-46.
Lithuanian Song
Martin Luther King: I have a dream
Also in http
Maxwell tales
North Wind
Ringo Starr
From Greek Mythology, by Greek humorist and slang devotee Nikos Tsiforos (1900-1970), pp 309-311.
Original: Lancelot Law Whyte, p. 19 of Essay on Atomism, 1961.
J.R. Atkins' line-by-line of Loglan, The Loglanist, April 1977.
Also in prettified format
Semantics paper
(Old) Lujvo paper
Lojban parser paper
Lojban semantic analyser
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