Bits and pieces

Inevitably with textual cmavo, there's a lot of words that can only be called odds and ends; they each have a specific little job, and don't have much in common. The Complete Lojban Language, Chapter 19, bemoans the same problem in paedagogy for the same topic; so at least we're in good company.

To survive in Lojbanistan, though, you'll certainly need the following:



x1 is strange/weird/deviant/bizarre/odd to x2 in property x3 (ka)

Exercise 4

Translate the following disfunctional dialogue.

  1. .i zo to to mi ca tavla fo la lojban toi xamgu lenu tavla fo la lojban

  2. .i xamgu ki'a

  3. ni'o xu do nelci lai loglandias.kontrapositivos.

  4. .i lai ki'a

  5. .i mi to .e do xu toi gleki lenu te vecnu loi matcrflokati

  6. .i do tavla lo ba'e cizra