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These are the email addresses I have had in times past:
This is the machine I started off on the Internet on, in 1990. It was the Electrical Engineering machine for the University of Melbourne. I stayed there for a couple of years, until mullian became dedicated to staff in mid 1993; I then moved on to ---
--- the undergrad machine in ElecEng. This machine paid host to me until the end of 1993 (when my association with the department ended), at which time I shuffled off to krang.
This is the alias cover term for mullian and munagin.
This is the account I had by virtue of being a computer science student; I had it from 1990 until mid 1996, but never used it extensively for on-line socialising.
This is the departmental alias for my erstwhile computer science account.
I have had an account on the Department of Engineering Computer Resources centre for a couple of years; this neck of the woods is the default for engineering students, but with an enormous clientele and rather restrictive policing of everything, I pretty much avoided it.
This is an account I managed to purloin by virtue of being a Cognitive Science student; it belongs to the Vision Group (hence vis). I migrated to it at the end of 1993, and used it up until October 1994, when I migrated to speech. I have had this account until fairly recently (mid 1996); I suspect it is still accepting mail, although its mail now gets forwarded to eduserv (possibly via speech).
This is an account I didn't want, but got anyway: Department of Linguistics QuickMail. I picked this rash up 1994, and tried for a long time (unsuccessfully) to nuke it dead since my department saw reason and migrated across to UNIX-based mail. (Quickmail was incapable of forwarding mail.) The university finally pulled the plug on Quickmail in 1998, so the account should now be dead.
I migrated across to this machine, the Linguistics Department Sun Workstation, October 1994, and hang out on it until March 1996. I initially had the name nnich on it; as soon as I was able to (when I became superuser), I changed it to...
--- the acronym I had consistently used, by virtue of being enrolled with my patronymic as middle name. I nuked my patronymic in 1995, since it was pointed out to me (when I applied for a passport) that it's not on my birth certificate. So when I moved house (though speech kept forwarding until late 1998), I moved to...
which almost immediately turned into:
This was my email abode from March 1996 until I moved to the States in Feburary 1999. eduserv was the machine common to all Melbourne University postgraduates, and as a result is good for little else but email. In the beginning of 1998, the university's undergrads were herded onto it too, and the machine went through strange transformations, with all the following variants functioning:
This, because the machine was to have a "mean and hungry" look.
And as if that wasn't multifarious enough,
Then, of course, there was the avalanche of aliases:
This was my School of Languages alias, which went with the evil QuickMail address I got. It ended up pointing to eduserv.
This is the alias I had by virtue of having an eduserv account.
This was my official email address and departmental alias for 1996-1998.
This is the alias I had by virtue of working at ITS (Information Technology Services). It also pointed to eduserv.
This is the machine I pottered on while working at ITS.
This is the machine I pottered on while working as a research assistant for Dr Dominque Estival. Dr Estival left the university in 1999, a week before I did; the machine, at the time dedicated to her syntactic change project, has been folded in with the other Phonetics Lab machines, as fant.
cyberspace was giving away accounts (a decade before Hotmail), so I got one. Not much point to it, really; predictably, this single shitbox trying to cope with people logging in from all over the world is not the most usable of machines. I've forgotten my password to it. nichyon is my Klingon (via Lojban, via Esperanto) self-appelation.
I think this was my email while I worked at Microsoft Jan-Feb 1995. I didn't particularly admit to this email address in public much, so I don't remember it. v is for vacation scholar.
This is the account I had in the Macquarie computer science department by virtue of working at Microsoft. It being a real UNIX account, as opposed to Microsoft (Mickey-Mouse) Mail, I could not get one fast enough.
This is the account I had while I was in Athens, October-December 1995; for the most part, mail was forwarded here from speech. I logged into it over the worst phonelines in Europe, using pulse-tone dialing, and the connection to the outside world wasn't that crash hot, either. Still, it did the job.
This is the account I had my Web pages on when I came back from Greece, until the computer admin guy unceremoniously pulled the plug on his public access service. I guess I got what I paid for... (This was the first time I used opoudjis as my moniker.)
My next Web account, which I held from 1996 on my ISP.
Around late '97, Lex and the fine folks at lexicon decided to drop the .au (and the tildes in the web directories). This was my web account through to the end of '98; the actual POP account, though, was
When time came for me to start work in the States in February 1999, the UCI Office for Academic Computing automatically assigned me the moniker
through their eight-character automated "you can have any colour you like, as long as it's black" algorithm. I was not going to stand for such a distortion, of course, and immediately asked that it be changed it to:
which luckily was accepted. This is an alias to the UCI staff email server,
My account within UCI was
with the inevitably classical allusion to Ptolemy founding the Library of Alexandria. (Our NT server here is called Arsinoë as the natural match to Ptolemy.) The juxtaposition of Hellenistic and Graeco-Turkish is obviously appealing to me, but is more succinct. Succincter still, of course, is, and email is forwarded to wherever I may roam from
On my return to Australia in November 2001, I purchased cabel modem service with Optus Home, which earned me my current home base email,
As an honorary research fellow of the Department of Linguistics & Applied Linguistics, back at the University of Melbourne, I was pleasantly surprised to find my nickn account still active on ariel -- and that furthermore, with the Great Name Reorganisation at Melbourne, I was left with the not maximally disagreeable
Nick Nicholas, opoudjis [AT] optusnet . com . au
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