Twyborn now breathes his last

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This is a folk song from Crete, as sung by Eleftherios Venizelos. (I've taken it from the CD of the lyra-player Vasilis Skoulas, Tou Venizelou, Panivar PA 40251Ö; undated.) There is a more extensive variant of the song in Politis, N. 1914. Eklogai apo ta tragoudia tou Hellenikou Laou, song 78 i.

Twyborn now breathes his last; the earth, it trembles;
the tombstone shudders that's to cover him,
for where he lies he utters these brave words:
"Would that the earth had steps, the sky had rungs;
then would I tread those steps, and grasp those rungs,
climb up to heaven, fold my legs and sit,
and shake the heavens down!

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