Red Lip

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Nicholas Politis, Eklogai apo ta tragoudia tou Hellenikou Laou, song 126. According to Politis, "it is obvious that this is nothing but an image in the form of hyperbole depicting the wondrous redness of the beloved maiden's lips. Of course, this hyperbole appears to belong rather to an Asian poet, and is alien to the restraint of Greek folk poetry."

I kissed my love's red lip; her lip, it reddened mine.
I wiped mine with a cloth; the cloth, it went all red.
I washed it in the stream; the stream, it went all red.
Red now the seashore's edge, red the midst of the main.
The eagle came to drink; its wings, they went all red;
red now is half the sun, red now the moon entire.

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