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It is as sweet as bitterness to earth,
and sinks as deep as lofty mountaintops.
It only ceases where it never stops;
a miracle --- as much as life after birth.

It's being cut with a rectangle's curve;
it's being drenched with bone-dry waterdrops;
it's the disguise a craggy mind adopts,
dodging itself in seeking out its self.

It's what I felt, caught in your arms; hurt, huffed,
healed; clenched too close, held off too far, too loved
to blush; and it's too old to not be new.

I never told the truth; I never lied.
It's what I've said and what I have denied;
and it swims out, a graceful sloth, to you.

March 1992

Nick Nicholas, opoudjis [AT] optusnet . com . au
Created: 1999-3-7; Last revision: 1999-3-7