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This is the end of it. This is goodbye.
This is where angels swerve and shadows meet.
The angels' weary English chimes defeat;
The shadows' army presses in from high,

and blots you out. My word-shield falls; I cry
before the onslaught of the frenzied fleet.
They elbow me aside, come crush your feet.
I'd help you! (oh distant --- more than God's blue sky.)

God Save! God Save! WhaddoI do? Talk to me! Listen!
Lemme in! Deep end. No! Please! I love you! Stay,
I'm calling. Run! Calm; no fault. Oh, don't leave me!

Wind fells trees. Dark wraps lamps out. Blank screens glisten.
Nothing I do, Nothing I do or say...

To pieces. To the end. Forever. Believe me...


Nick Nicholas, opoudjis [AT] optusnet . com . au
Created: 1999-3-7; Last revision: 1999-3-7