Kind Of A Celestial Book

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> You don't have to write all this down. It's already writen up -
> in kind of a celestial book, maybe. Or in some virtual
> book (HTML format , of course :)))

The heavens have us written in their book ---
in skies' blue parchment and in cloud-wrought ink,
and letters flourished, magisterial-hooked.

And all is writ there; more than you can think;
truer than you'd devise; more bold, more sure
than ever life would tell --- or death would wink.

There in celestial hypertext the lore
of all our sundered gems and shards of life
lie woven into tale and sense restored.

And there, predestinate, rejoice and thrive
all we'll yet venture, all that lies in wait.
It sorts out best there; there we're hale and safe.

The heavens have us written; never fret,
what though their tale is not played out among us,
and to our eyes the book is closed and hid.

The heavens have us writ, and will not wrong us.


Nick Nicholas, opoudjis [AT] optusnet . com . au
Created: 1999-3-7; Last revision: 1999-3-7