"It rains..."

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It rains a torrent on my heavy head
It rains a mist across the path I've trampled
It rains beside your matress broad and crumpled
It rains beside my straight and narrow bed

It rains, and once again a door found shut,
whence I move on --- move through --- my ankle sprained,
my gaze on the Platonic I have spurned.
A long road hence; long road, and wingings cut.

And you so fair and fire,
and I so dire and dull,
and I so lull and liar,
and higher; and here; and heal.

Nick Nicholas, opoudjis [AT] optusnet . com . au
Created: 1999-3-7; Last revision: 1999-3-7
URL: http://www.opoudjis.net/Poems/rains.html