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Nicholas Politis, Eklogai apo ta tragoudia tou Hellenikou Laou, song 221. Peloponnesian.

My Sun, my Sun of Suns, world-travelling Sun,
last night I lost a lass, a dearest maiden;
have you caught sight of her, O have you met her?
--- Last night or so, I saw her in Death's palace.
While Death ate bread, the girl gave him to drink.
Her eyes did weep just like a marble fountain,
and her poor heart shook like a withered apple.
She poured so long, the glass fell from her hand.
It fell not on a rock, nor cobblestones;
it fell before Death's feet, and shattered there.
Death was upset, he turns and asks her thus:
"What ails you, girl, what makes you shed dark tears,
from eyes that weep just like a marble fountain?
Miss you your mother, child? I'll have her come here."
"It isn't her I miss. Don't have her come here."
"Miss you your brothers, child? I'll have them come here."
"It isn't them I miss. Don't have them come here.
It is my home I miss; the world of the living."
"You miss your home? You'll see it nevermore."

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