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The following works on the Entertaining Tale of Quadrupeds not included in the bibliography of of Nicholas & Baloglou (2003).

General works

Magdalino, P. 1984. Byzantine Snobbery. In Angold, M. (ed.), The Byzantine Aristocracy, IX to XIII Centuries. Oxford: BAR. 58-78.
Magdalino glancingly mentioned the Tale as indicative of the general individualism and absence of a sense of the common good in Palaeologan society, and uses it to support his contention that the favourable and unfavourable contemporary evaluations of Alexius Apocaucus should be taken as PR.
Eideneier, H. 2002. Η «πεζῇ φράσει» Διήγησις των τετραπόδων ζώων. In Λόγια και Δημώδης Γραμματεία του Ελληνικού Μεσαίωνα: Αφιέρωμα στον Εύδοξο Θ. Τσολάκη. Πρακτικά Θʹ Επιστημονικής Συνάντησης (11-13 Μαΐου 2000). Thessalonica: Aristotle University. 269-277.
Eideneier argues that the proper reading in the title and first verse is pezophrastos, "in simple language" as in mss CVL, rather than paidiophrastos, as in ms P, relying on the greater tendency towards linguistic correction in P.
Papathomopoulos, M. 2002. Κριτικές παρατηρήσεις στην Παιδιόφραστον Διήγησιν των Ζώων των Τετραπόδων. In Moser-Karagiannis, E. & Giakoumaki, E. (eds), Κανίσκιον φιλίας: Τιμητικός τόμος για τον Guy-Michel Saunier. Athens. 383-398.
Emendations to Tsiouni's editions, since incorporated in Papathomopoulos' edition (yet to appear).
Prinzing, G. 2003. Zur Byzantinischen Rangstreitliteratur in Prosa und Dichtung. Römische Historische Mitteilungen 45: 241–286.
Prinzing locates the Tale and the Book of Birds within the general tradition of poems disputing rank/poetic disputes, and the older tradition of literary comparison (synkrisis). He also has a detailed look at the structure of the Tale, and arrives independently from us at similar conclusions about the poem's originality and artfulness.
Baloglou, G. 2006. Έρωτας τετραπέρατος: ψήγματα ερωτισμού στη διήγηση των τετραπόδων. Άρδην 60 (Athens) (July–August): 51–52.
Enumeration and evaluation of instances where sex and love come up in the poem.
Nicholas, N. 2006b. How the Entertaining Tale of Quadrupeds became a Tale: Grafting Narrative. In Burke, J. et al. (eds), Byzantine Narrative: Papers in Honour of Roger Scott. (Byzantina Australiensia 16) Melbourne: Australian Association for Byzantine Studies. 182-192.
Considers ways in which the Tale can be said to have imposed a narrative structure onto its material.
Moennig, U. 2012.  Ρητορική και Διήγησις των Τετραπόδων Ζώων. In Mavromatos, G.K. & Agiotis, N. (eds), Πρώιμη Νεοελληνική Δημώδης Γραμματεία. Heraklion: Βικελαία Δημοτική Βιβλιοθήκη. 573-590.
Reevaluates structure of the opposing camps in the Tale, and its literary classification. Proposes a four-way split in the list of animals, and identifies anxiety among the animals about the ambiguity of their affiliations.

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